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Why choose the interview?

Revolutionize the way you hire.

Our platform streamlines the recruitment process by allowing companies to create custom job listings and add interview questions tailored to their specific needs. Candidates can then apply and record their answers in the form of asynchronous videos, saving time for both the candidate and the company.

Not only does this make the process more efficient, but it also allows for a more in-depth evaluation of the candidate's skills and qualifications. With The Interview, you can review candidate responses at your own pace, making it easy to compare and contrast candidates to find the perfect fit for your open position.

The Interview features a built-in rating system, allowing companies to easily evaluate and compare candidates by rating them based on qualifications, skills, and responses. This user-friendly feature streamlines the hiring process, making it easy to find the perfect fit for open positions and to make informed decisions.

The interview lets you

Always have control over your data


GDPR compliant

The Interview prides itself on competing aggressively while holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, including conduct of our data handling practices. While many businesses are still unaware of the impact the GDPR will have on their business, dedicated teams at The Interview have been preparing to ensure GDPR readiness.


We understand the importance of security and the need to protect your sensitive information. That's why we have implemented a unique method of authentication that eliminates the need for passwords. Instead of requiring a password, our platform utilizes magic links, which are sent to your registered email address.

Secure file storage

Our platform uses decentralized storage which ensures that your sensitive files are not stored in a single location, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. This method of storage distributes your data across multiple nodes, making it more difficult for hackers to target and compromise your information.

Business owners love The Interview

“The Interview's async video feature is a game-changer, it saves time and allows for thorough evaluations of candidates. Highly recommend.”

Uranik Begu, Executive director

Uranik Begu

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