A unique way to connect job seekers with companies. Apply for a job from the comfort of your own home. or wherever you are.


So what is the problem that we considered?

People today suffer when it comes to organizing their time; and not just companies I mean both sides of the coin: companies that specifically deal with customer support and millions of job seekers. Companies spend lots of time creating job fairs, posting jobs in different portals, arranging interviews, conducting interviews and at the same the level of stress for both companies and potential employee's results in inefficiency.


The Interview is an interactive application that enables job seekers and companies connect. It utilizes video and mobile technology in the work space to create equal opportunities and an open space for creativity for applicants. The Interview is a great solution for employers to pre-screen candidates through video interviewing and at the same time a practical solution for people that are looking for a job position.

For the company

  • Time efficient
  • Less costly
  • No need for job fairs
  • Prescreening & Easy to operate

For the interviewer

  • Less stressful
  • Easy to access & operate
  • No travel expenses
  • Open for creativity
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